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Motion Picture Studio Mechanics of
Louisiana, Southern Mississippi & Mobile, AL

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Heat Related Illness
Oct 13, 2022

Heat and humidity play a huge factor in filming in the Gulf Region, and often times we find ourselves indoors where Air Conditioning is limited. Crew should be aware of warning signs and treatment for Heat Related Illness.

“Most outdoor fatalities, 50% to 70%, occur in the first few days of working in warm or hot environments because the body needs to build a tolerance to the heat gradually over time. The process of building tolerance is called heat acclimatization. Lack of acclimatization represents a major risk factor for fatal outcomes.”


While there is no “cut off” for indoor or outdoor temperatures spelled out by OSHA or other governing bodies, there are recommendations for work/rest and hydration dependent upon Relative Temperature. Production and Crew should be monitoring factors such as workload, rest periods, air flow, shade available, and water intake when determining the safety of cast and crew.

Production should build in periodic breaks for water, rest and shade during high heat conditions.

Supervisors should make sure everyone is using the buddy system while working. Cooling tents should be made available to all crew and cast on locations where high heat is expected.

Cool water (lower than 59*F) should be made readily available.

In indoor locations, Air Conditioning and ventilation/circulation should be cycled on as much as possible to keep room temperature from reaching excessive level.

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