IATSE Local 478, AFL-CIO
IATSE Local 478, AFL-CIO

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Safety For Sarah
Apr 14, 2020

We expect our sets to be safe. But too often, people’s focus on safety can get lost in the collective rush to “get the shot” or “make the day". No one plans this. It just happens.

When safety by the nature of moving fast and keeping up becomes secondary, it is left to all of us to look out not only for ourselves but for each other as well. Guidelines, memos, and classes are only effective if we put them into practice and it is our obligation to assure that everyone around us is doing so. We must be our own safety net because we are the only ones there in the moment. We need to be willing to speak up, speak loudly, and more importantly support others in doing so.

Because no one should ever die making a movie.

This is not about crews, or cast, or production, or us, or them. It’s about everyone on a production. Be safe and be aware. No exceptions. Safety is the responsibility we accept every time we step on a set and it only works if we all have each other's backs - because no one wants to have to explain to a friend's loved one why they didn’t speak up.

You have the power. We have the power. Together we have strength and together we can make sure that everyone gets home safely at the end of every day.

Stand Up. Speak up. Take the Pledge. Take it Now.

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