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Apr 14, 2020


In any weather or other emergency situation communication becomes vitally important. Production should purchase and keep on location and at the production office a National Weather Service weather radio. These are inexpensive (usually less than $20) and readily available at area retailers. 

Additionally, most vendors of the walkie-talkies that productions typically use can program the Weather Service radio station into the handsets.

Make certain your handsets are pretuned to the National Weather Service radio frequency for the area you are shooting in.

Here is a list of Louisiana metropolitan areas and the respective radio frequency to tune walkie-talkies or weather radios to: 

  • New Orleans 162.550 MHz Shreveport 162.475 MHz 

  • Baton Rouge 162.400 MHz Alexandria 162.475 MHz 

  • Lafayette 162.550 MHz 

The Emergency Management Station system of broadcasters was established in 1964 and has evolved to become the Emergency Alert System (EAS).

The EAS now includes weather information during extreme weather conditions. These local broadcasters provide valuable information during various emergencies and are required by the FCC to carry all weather and other emergency information issued by federal, state, parish or local authorities.

Here is a list of Louisiana metropolitan areas and the respective Emergency Alert System stations to tune to on your broadcast radio receiver: 

  • New Orleans WWL AM 870 KHz or WWL FM 101.9 MHz 

  • Baton Rouge WJBO AM 1150 KHz or WFMF FM 102.5 MHz 

  • Lafayette KTDY FM 99.9 MHz 

  • Shreveport KEEL AM 710 KHz 

  • Alexandria KSYL AM 970 KHz


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