Motion Picture Studio Mechanics of
Louisiana, Southern Mississippi & Mobile, AL
Motion Picture Studio Mechanics of
Louisiana, Southern Mississippi & Mobile, AL

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Jan 12, 2017

Film/TV/ Video/Commercial productions done/shot in Louisiana in 2004

  1. A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004)  Feature New Orleans

  2. The Brooke Ellison Story (TV Movie 2004)  Feature New Orleans

  3. Above and Beyond (TV Mini-Series 2006) Feature New Orleans 

  4. All the King's Men (2006) Feature New Orleans 

  5. The Brooke Ellison Story (TV Movie 2004) TV Movie New Orleans 

  6. Broussard's Restaurants Commercials New Orleans

  7. The Madam's Family: The Truth About the Canal Street Brothel TV movie New Orleans

  8. The Dead Will Tell (TV Movie 2004) Feature New Orleans 

  9. Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005) Feature Hammond

  10. The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) Feature New Orleans 

  11. Elvis (TV Movie 2005) Feature New Orleans 

  12. Five Fingers (2006) Feature New Orleans 

  13. Flakes (2007) Independant Film  New Orleans

  14. Frankenstein TV-Pilot  New Orleans

  15. Glory Road (2006)   Feature   New Orleans 

  16. Great Chefs Magazine   Commercials    New Orleans

  17. Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers (TV Movie 2004)  Feature    New Orleans 

  18. Heart of the Storm (TV Movie 2004)   TV Movie    New Orleans 

  19. Infidelity (TV Movie 2004) TV Movie  New Orleans

  20. JadaKiss    Video   New Orleans

  21. Jessica Simpson   Video   New Orleans

  22. Just My Luck (2006)   Feature   New Orleans

  23. Miracle Run (TV Movie 2004)   Feature   New Orleans

  24. Mr 3000 (2004) Feature   New Orleans

  25. Nikki and Nora (TV Movie 2004) TV Movie  New Orleans

  26. Now You See It... (TV Movie 2005) TV Movie  New Orleans

  27. Odd Girl Out (TV Movie 2005) TV Movie  New Orleans

  28. Shooting Gallery (Video 2005) aka Pool Hall Prophets Feature   New Orleans

  29. Pop Rocks (TV Movie 2004) Feature   New Orleans

  30. The Sam Houston Hotel Commercials    New Orleans

  31. Searching for David's Heart (TV Movie 2004) TV Movie  New Orleans

  32. The Skeleton Key (2005) Feature   Baton Rouge

  33. Stuck in the Suburbs (TV Movie 2004) TV Movie  New Orleans

  34. Thief TV Pilot  New Orleans

  35. USA Today Commercial New Orleans

  36. Vampire Bats (TV Movie 2005) TV Movie  New Orleans

  37. W Hotels Commercials New Orleans

  38. Waiting... (2005)  Feature   New Orleans

Please be aware that our list may have not all shows listed correctly, or working names have been changed etc etc-

if you notice we have incorrect information up, or missing out a feature/TV/Video/documentary- please notify the webmaster or the office. Thank y'All.

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