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Weather Policy

If a hurricane threatens New Orleans, IATSE Local 478 procedures for closure are as follows:

All 478 members will be notified by IATSE Local 478  if an evacuation is being considered, and if they will be required to vacate the premises of stages and locations.

It is up to each production/employer to notify all their crew members/employees of the evacuation procedures and departmental preparations. 

IATSE Local 478 will secure the perimeter of the office. The security systems will be set on emergency mode, access to the office will be no longer possible, all doors and gates will be locked.

The phone system and website will be updated with information about when the facility will reopen.

The website will have the possibilities for members to communicate.

Re-opening will occur once clearance is given by the City of New Orleans.

The posted IATSE Local 478 Weather Policy has been prepared to ensure the safety of our members.

This policy is provided to all the productions in our jurisdiction; although please note it is not contractual and non-enforceable.

Please contact the business office with any weather related concerns.

If you feel your work environment is unsafe, speak up and be heard. Express your concerns to your department head,  shop stewart, call the union office. If you do not feel that your concerns are being addressed properly, call one of the safety hotlines listed here. Crew members can call any hotline regardless of union or guild affiliation • Local 600 Safety Hotline 877.424.
Communications  In any weather or other emergency situation communication becomes vitally important. Production should purchase and keep on location and at the production office a National Weather Service weather radio. These are inexpensive (usually less than $20) and readily available at area retailers.
Download: IATSE Local 478 Weather related Work Policy rev5-14.pdf , B1158080560.jpg , B1158080560.jpg
Tornado Policy  As with flash floods, hurricanes and other weather phenomena, weather conditions favorable to the formation of tornadoes comes in stages. The “tornado season” in the Gulf South is late winter to early spring (March, April and May).
Download: IATSE Local 478 Weather related Work Policy rev5-14.pdf
Lightning Policy  The National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI) recommends the suspension of outdoor activities when lightning is within a 6 mile range and further recommends remaining in shelter for 30 minutes after lightning has passed. Lightning range can be detected via commercially available lightning detectors. More often the “5 second rule” is used.
Download: IATSE Local 478 Weather related Work Policy rev5-14.pdf
Flash Flood Policy  The New Orleans area and much of Louisiana has experienced severe urban and rural flooding in the past which was not hurricane related. The rainstorms that produce this type of flooding are at times predictable, but this is not always the case.
Download: IATSE Local 478 Weather related Work Policy rev5-14.pdf
Mandatory Evacuation  If any federal, state or local governmental authority calls for a mandatory evacuation at any time production as well as construction and office duties in the geographical area of the Mandatory Evacuation must cease within one hour and all personnel shall be dismissed from work immediately, regardless of the current weather conditions at that time.
Download: IATSE Local 478 Weather related Work Policy rev5-14.pdf
 Hurricane Policy  Hurricane Watch – The National Weather Service announces a Hurricane Watch when hurricane conditions (sustained winds at or exceeding 74 miles per hour) can be expected in a specific coastal area.
Download: IATSE Local 478 Weather related Work Policy rev5-14.pdf

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