• Tornado Policy
    Updated On: Mar 24, 2016

    Tornado Policy 

    As with flash floods, hurricanes and other weather phenomena, weather conditions favorable to the formation of tornadoes comes in stages. The “tornado season” in the Gulf South is late winter to early spring (March, April and May). 

    Tornado Warning – A tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service when weather conditions are favorable to the formation of a tornado. Weather such as thunder, electrical storms and/or hail usually precede tornadoes. If a Tornado Warning 

    is issued work need not cease but protective shelter should be identified and production should be prepared to cease if weather conditions deteriorate. 

    Tornado Watch – A Tornado Watch is issued when formation of tornadoes is highly possible or if a tornado has been sighted in an area. At this stage all or some of the following could be seen or should be watched for: dark greenish or orange-gray sky color; hail; and large, dark, low-lying, fast moving clouds. 

    It is Local 478’s policy that: 

    1. If a Tornado Warning is issued or a tornado is seen in the work area all manned aerial lifts must be lowered to the ground and cease to operate. Unmanned lifts should be secured and all personnel are required to remain at a safe distance from the equipment. 

    2. Production must cease immediately and all but essential staff should be directed to shelter. 

    3. Other equipment such as lighting fixtures and grip apparatus should be lowered 


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